02 March 2010

I Can Smell That New Mexico Mountain Air

I'm pretty excited right now. I'm excited about the New Mexico Lobos basketball team. It's something I was brought up with...Lobos basketball that is. With fishing and land surveying, the New York Yankees, Larry Bird, John Cougar Melencamp, Zozobra, Vampires and protecting myself from Vampires by hiding a clove of garlic underneath my pillow at night. Pizza Hut and mariachis. The Three Caballeros. I remember the first game I watched on TV, I asked my dad who the abnormally big guy was who played for the Lobos. It was Luc Longley. My dad told me he was Australian and a "seven footer" and he was important to the Lobos. Yeah, I guess that's when I became a Lobo fan. Now it feels so good that we're gaining national attention. Our team is rocking! That's great, but for me it's more than basketball. It's about my home! New Mexico. I'm so happy that people are hearing our name. Who are these Lobos? "No, I don't speak Spanish! In English please!" Thanks. I'll take one tamale from Posa's with that good pork and the wonderful hot red chili. Yes! I will go for a stroll with you on the plaza and feed the pigeons. Oh that melody I hear, it's so beautiful. I love you New Mexico! Can we throw blankets under piƱon trees in the warm New Mexican sun? I'd like to. I want that crazy thunderstorm coming off of the Sange de Cristo mountains in August. Thanks, Colorado. We have the Rocky Mountains too! And they aren't crowded with all of those rick folks from the east either. Maybe a Texan or two, but we can handle that. Don't worry, the battle at Wolf Creek will happen soon. We will take and conquer your mountain just like the Conquistadors before us did. You don't want it anyway.
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