25 March 2010

"Colorful Colorado" is Redundant

Where do I want to live? It's tugging my heart to pieces! I love NM, I love Albuquerque. I recently fell in love with Portland, OR. I also want very badly to learn more about other cities. I'm thinking of Denver and Phoenix, mostly Denver though. Denver is more of my personality, and definitely more of Lindsey's personality. We both hate super hot weather and we both need at least a little bit of rain and snow. Denver would be nice because it's far enough away from home to allow us to explore new things, yet close enough to home that we could visit. That's why I'm thinking about Denver. But I'm not all of the way in! I also love southern California (San Diego) and Portland.

Missouri has been extremely trying for Lindsey and I... I must say this has felt like the coldest winter in Lorenzo history. I was opening for weeks straight and Lindsey was closing at her job. We never see each other. It's difficult being on such a schedule. The pressure and stress has been building up all winter. For a few months I was a total jerk! I was getting so little sleep that I don't even remember driving to work a few times. Then I would come home and take a nap for a few minutes then pick Lindsey up at work then wake up at 4am the next morning. It's really hard... But there's a light and I see it!

Missouri is necessary for us! We have learned so much about each other in the past few months, more than what we would have learned if we stayed in NM. Missouri is about us! We are faced with all of the problems that married couples face: finances, moving, sleep deprivation. We've had our difficulties, but we were able to overcome them. I am so grateful for Lindsey in my life!

So what next? The future's incredibly unknown. We have no plan. I'm just sending out resumes left and right. We have no idea where we'll be in a year. It's exciting, it really is! But it's also a bit scary. The unknown can be scary at times. I'm just praying for wisdom. I want to be in the right spot, I want to stay on track. Denver would be nice though. We have friends there, I have some family there. We'd be close to the Freeman's and the Dominguez' in NM, that's nice. We'd have mountains, that's nice. We'd have a city, that's nice. But is this just what I want? What's the best place for us? I'm praying...

Bonus! Denver is a short 6hr drive to Wolf Creek. Denver, CO to Pagosa Springs, CO - Google Maps (We'd probably just go somewhere closer.)

I'm going to make some short term goals though. I'm going to read more. I want to know more about what I believe in. I want to gain understanding. I want to bring Lindsey gifts. I'm about to finish The Five Love Languages. It talks about how people speak different "love languages". Some speak "words of affirmation", some "quality time", some "acts of service", etc. It's super insightful, and it's helping me to think of ways to become a better husband.
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