01 August 2012


This song got me hooked 10 years ago in my apartment on Montgomery Blvd. Love mewithoutYou! I can't wait to see them rock the Launchpad later tonight!

Let us die, Let us die
Then dying we reply,
oh dont you tell us 
about your suffering,
now look in our eyes-
look in our eyes.
Let us be, Let us be
Our closeness is such that
where ever she rests her head
in the softness underneath,
She'll feel me and you'll 
feel me

Je leverai les yeux a toi- 
J'ai change cent fois de nom 
Je leverai les yeux a toi- 
Je n'ai pas d'espoir. 

When you laugh you'll feel
my breath there filling up 
your lungs. And when you cry 
those arent your tears but Im 
there falling down your cheek.
And when you say you love him
taste me, Im like poison on
your tongue. But when your 
tired, if you're quiet, 
hear me, singing you to sleep.
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