14 August 2012

God Doesn't Mess Around

I just read Deuteronomy chapters 26-28 out loud to my son. I almost feel bad for doing so. I'm always a bit confussed about God's nature in the Old Testament versus the New Testament. Jesus is God in the New Testament and He's loving, He's forgiving, He's gentle. But God in the Old Testament doesn't take any crap. If the Israelites diaobey him, He won't mess around. You'll be in sorry shape. That's what I just read. But on the other hand, God promised to bless the Israelites beyond belief if they followed his commands.
So what I'm trying to understand is how the Old and New Testaments are connected. There are all these rules given to the Israelites. Some really weied rules. Then Jesus comes into the picture and changes everything.
I'm trying to understand.
Some of the Old Testament is hard to take. I'll keep reading. Keep learning.
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