13 August 2012

Breath in the Fresh Air

I'm sick and tired of Facebook. There is so much hate on my feed. We know people are all different. And we know that Republicans and Democrats don't agree. Has it always been like this? Probably. I just don't want to hear opinions on Facebook. I know this isn't fair because I probably post more than anyone on Facebook. I like to think my posts are a little more light-hearted. I like humor. I try not to post politcal crap. It's not that I don't care about politics. I know it's important to be involved. But it seems like politics divide us as a country and we are not united. I think I have more important things to worry about...my family. I guess politics directly effect how my family lives. How much taxes come out of my check. Quality of roads, healthcare, schools, availibility of jobs. So I know. It's really important to be involved. Maybe we can agree to disagree. I'm sure this has been going on for long before I was born. I just hope we don't kill eachother in the process.

Other things on my mind; I love this EP of cover songs from Relient K. I also love Higher Love by Steve Winwood. What a lame song. I don't know why I love it. I watching our boy roll around in his crib. I'm in the living room and I have a Tango call streaming video from his litte crib. I can't see him any more. He's now covered in blankets. I'm going to check on him. Haha! He covered the camera with his little blanket. Now he's out here in the living room jamming out to lame 80's synth-rock with me. Everclear is next on the playlist. We're waiting for my mom to show up. My grandpa's Verizon phone isn't working and she wants me to troubleshoot it.

I think Luke likes Steve Winwood. Maybe Steve Winwood will be cool when Luke gets older.

I've been looking at homes to rent. Lindsey and I really want to purchase a house. We're not sure if we're there yet though. We need to save more. We're thinking maybe of downgrading for a while until we have a good solid savings. At least that's what I think we're going to do. We need to talk more about it.

Truth is I love Lindsey and I want her to be happy where she is. I know it sucks to move every year too. We'll see what happens though. I know God has a plan for us. I'm thinking about starting my Masters program too. Verizon is going to pay for it, so why not? I'm at least going to test the waters. The semester starts in October. I'll take one class and see how I like it.

All for now. Hope you're having a wonderful week. Head out to the mountains. Enjoy the wonderful New Mexico forest. You won't be sorry. Maybe download some Steve Winwood and thow it in your mp3 player. On second thought, don't do that. Just breath in the fresh air.

Enjoy this photo I took of the forest in New Mexico.

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