21 August 2012

Dry Desert; 2

It's hot. My body feels weak. What time is it, I wonder? There are no clouds, but I can't really tell where the sun is. There's so much haze. It's a brown tint over everything I see. My lungs hurt with every breath I take. I don't feel good. My vision is blurred. I fall to my knees. My body just can't go any further. I pray that I never wake up.

Why is it dark? Where am I? Ugh... I'm still alive.

I don't know if I should get up. I don't know if I have the strength. But there's a peculiar smell in the air. Something I haven't smelled in a long time. The air seems cooler than normal. My eyes can't stay open. Wait! I feel something on my face as I lay on my back on this dry river bed. Water! Rain? This isn't happening. This has got to be my body and my mind playing a terrible prank on me. There's another drop. This is real! I muster what's left of any strength in my body to get up. This isn't happening. I don't believe it!

Take a deep breath in. Still smells a bit like burning rubber and camp fires. So much joy! There hasn't been a drop of rain in this dried up town in over twenty years! I'll walk around and enjoy this water coming from the sky.

And I am thirsty. My canteen is empty. I'm hungry, too. I need some energy.
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