09 July 2012


I should be napping right now. I'm pretty tired and after a failed attempt to feed Luke, he's now napping. I've had lots on my mind. I always have lots on my mind. I'm never idle. Family has changed my life in a huge way. I'm learning how to stop thinking only of myself. It started with the moment I signed that paper saying I'll be Lindsey's husband and she'll be my wife. We have both made sacrifices in marriage. That is what marriage is all about. You sacrifice something to gain another. I sacrifice my nights drinking at Anodyne to know that Lindsey loves me. I sacrifice my evening, head-clearing jogs for cooking dinner and talking to the one I love. Sometimes I miss those things. And sometimes Lindsey misses the things she sacrificed for me. But then we stop to think what we gained and it is totally worth it. Do I miss my empty bank account after a night of drinking? Nope. Do I miss the splitting headache and agonizing body aches after the bar? No way. What about my hacking from smoking too many cigarettes? I would trade diapers for that any day.

And then I look at my little boys face...


I am so blessed!

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