09 July 2012

Sorry, Apple Peeps

This is my apology to all Apple fans. Sometimes, when I try to understand something I become overly critical. Truth is I'm a complete hypocrite. I own an iPod classic and an iPod touch 2nd gen and I enjoy me some iTunes. My best friends all own Apple computers. Jeff, Joe, Sean... I even wanted an Apple computer at one time. My economist's brain gets me in trouble. Lindsey tells me that all the time. She asks me to take her out to dinner. I'm like, "where do you want to go?" Most of the time my answer is "that's too expensive and the food isn't that great". I'm learning. I can spend some money on nice dinners for my wife. The fact that we are enjoying our evening is much better than figuring out what we want from the "dollar menu". I'm a super cheapskate. Here's what Webster has to say about me http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/cheapskate. If Lindsey wants the best, I'll give her the best. If Luke wants the best I'll give him the best. If the best is Apple, then I'll give them Apple. Whatevs.

So, I"m sorry. I don't want to sever friendships over a product.

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