16 June 2012

Listening to Coldplay

Ben Folds always puts me in a thoughtful mood... I hope this Google Chrome browser doesn't crash. Ubuntu has been super unstable on my computer. It probably doesn't help that this computer is almost ten years old. It seems like the browser isn't craping out, but my internet connection is.
Whatever though. My heart hurts. I miss our little son so much. Today I'm pulling some overtime hours. Overtime is good. I'm happy I have the opportunity to make a bit of extra cash. The trade off is that I don't get to hang out with our little one. I just want to see his little eyes move around. I want to hear him yell. Yeah, he likes to yell. He'll yell at his little toys in his play gym. He's not crying, he's just exercising his voice. He like to kinda do these mini yells too. You'd have to hear him in person to understand. Once you hear him though, you'll melt. It's the cutest little thing ever.
I can't wait to see him again.
Lindsey and him are driving around looking for a dentist. I hope they find something. Lindsey is in a bit of pain. I miss her too. Wow, today I'm sentimental. I've only been gone for 10.5 hours. I hope I never get a job that requires me to be gone for days or weeks. I mean, it would be nice to travel, but it would be worthless to travel without my family.
I'm chiche. I'm a family guy. Not Peter Griffin. I'm a guy that loves his wife and son. I'm so needy. I need them. That doesn't bother me though. I've always needed them. I'm that much more fulfilled. Life is difficult, but my boy and my lady make a bit of sense out of this.
I just hope I can succeed. I hope I can be their hero... Is that weird? Probably so.
Anyway, I'm excited.

I'm excited for this summer. We were able to visit the forest this week. We went to Sipapu. On our way we saw Truchas Peaks and on our way back we saw Wheeler Peak and the Rio Grande Gorge. It was magnificent! I hope to head back soon. This summer I'm also going to see A New Found Glory at Warped Tour. That's going to be amazing. They are deffinitely one of my all time favorite bands. It's going to be cool to hang out with Jon and watch some pop-punk.
I'll keep the blog updated with pictures. You can also find me on Instagram @bobthehermit and on Twitter @offlohi. Please don't spam me bots.
Welcome to Costco. I love you.

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