18 February 2011

This Was Not Supposed To Be A Blog About Weather

It's Friday and I feel good. I have a nice mug of delicious black coffee in front of me. I have my day's work cut out for me here at work. This is good because I hate feeling like I am not of use to my company. The weather has been so warm, in the 70's sometimes in the afternoon and in the low 40's in the morning. This is a significant warm up from the -14F mornings we were experiencing a few weeks ago. One or two days there we were the coldest state in the country. This includes Alaska. If I remember correctly Taos dipped down to -36F. What's funny is that we still were not able to break our record for coldest ever temp in New Mexico. That was accomplished in 1950 (I'm going off memory here) in Galivan, NM. The temperature reached -50F. That is amazing. I am happy that our heater was working just fine on those days when it was seriously cold. It was really amazing when it was cold what happened in our house. The temperature difference from inside our apartment to outside caused condensation to form on our windows. This condensation promptly froze creating a sheet of ice about two to three centimeters in some spots. 

We don't have to worry about freezing temperatures for this week at least, and definitely no sub zero temps for the rest of the year. Oh dang, why am I talking about weather. Nobody cares about weather. Last thing--we are forecasted rain this weekend and I know it will probably only sprinkle on us, but I always just hope that weather unleashes on us. I hope we get over an inch of rain this weekend. That will never happen.
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