14 February 2011

Our Weekend

I can't help but think of life as a line graph right now. Right now it's on it's way up. Just like our economy, there are ups and downs and the line could have ups and downs and trend up or down in the long run. I have a good feeling that my line is trending up. I had a great weekend with "mi amor". We had a great time talking and hanging out, just the two of us, this weekend. It's so great to see her smile. We went to dinner, the wait was 50 minutes but it was alright. We went ahead and hung out at the bar and just talked. We people watched. We were doing something and it felt good. For me it's the best thing in the world to know that Lindsey loves me. Sure we disagree on some things, but at that moment when we were looking at each other and talking none of that mattered. The next day we hung out with our good friend Joe. We went to Santa Fe and met up with Yas. We walked around, enjoyed some galleries. We almost bought the $30,000 painting of the fox, almost. We hung out with Erin and Joe at "The Bird" which we originally thought was Blackbird, but later found out that it was The Bird of Paradise, two completely different establishments. We watched a cover band there and ate our weight in deliciously nasty chips and queso. Wow, I just can't help but be so thankful right now for friends. 

So now I find myself at a desk and I'm listening to Adele's album "21". It's a good Monday and now I have to get back to work... I feel like I need to see a photo of some mountains in Colorado. I'll search for Culbera peak and something in the southern Colorado Rockies. Maybe a photo of Santa Fe.
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