28 February 2011


Yes I'll have to agree with Lindsey on this one. Technology has taken over our every second. Did you see the commercial for Ford with the car that tells you your Facebook updates? Ridiculous! I am the guiltiest, I admit. Lindsey hates when it when I read articles non-stop when we're hanging out. We need a revival of things simpler. Instead of sending e-mails we should send hand-written letters. I think more love is put into hand-written letters. I don't think technology is entirely bad, I just think we need a little moderation. My day started at 6:00am. At this point I turned on channel 4 and continued on with my morning rituals. I then step out of the door and turn on m88 on my radio. There's always noise in my life. Today was different. Meditation, prayer and silence filled my car. It was amazing. It's good to be aware of your surroundings and to occasionally turn off the noise of TV, radio and the internet.

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