21 February 2011

Movie Sunday Night

Lindsey and I watched the movie Brothers last night via instant watch Netflix from our Wii. I'm thinking to myself...oh a movie about a soldier staring Spider-man, Donnie Darko and the girl who played the princess in the new Star Wars movies. I wasn't expecting much but then I started to recognize some of the scenery so I IMDB'd it and sure enough the entire movie was filmed right here in New Mexico. It was cool because it showed a lot of cold scenes when snow and ice skating. I'm sure a lot of people were confused about that when they looked it up, seeing as New Mexico has a primarily hot and dry image. The movie itself wasn't that bad. Spider-man went to Iraq and his helicopter was shot down. He and one of his fellow soldiers were captured and tortured for a few months. He was rescued but not before some serious PTSD was able to set in. The movie I think was based off of a movie out of Europe. Maybe I should get my facts straight before I write a blog... but I'm not here to bring facts. I'm here to vent my thoughts in writing. So feel free to research the movie yourself, I'm sure you have the internet. You are reading this now. Anyway, I would like to see another great movie tonight. I'm tired of the lame-o comedies that I always watch.

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