22 January 2010

Stumptown, life, et cetera

What up P-town, bridgetown, Burque of the NW? I'm coming. Be prepared. I'm not important at all. I'm not used to seeing such natural beauty. Where I'm from is dried up and shriveled. Well, it's not so bad. But I'm not trying to compare geographic locations. I'm grateful that I experienced life in such a unique place. But I'm sure that every regioion has it's own uniqueness. I'm sure I'll love Portland. It produced Lindsey, how could I dislike it?

I'm looking for tickets now...I think I want to take the flight that has a 4 hour layover in Seatlle! Normally I don't look for flights with layovers...but I've never been to Washington. I've never been to the Seattle airport. I'm sure Lindsey and I could do some airport exploring. Airport exploring is so fun! I love it so much. I like meeting people in the airport too.

I'm talking to Joe right now and searching for flights. So far Cheaptickets is the best. I love Cheaptickets.com so much--oh free advertising for Cheaptickets. But whatever, good buisnesses deserve to be found out. I have never had a problem with them. Also, they advertise the FINAL price, not the dumb price that doesn't mean anything. "Oh cool! There's a ticket for $124 dollars! Nice! Wait, taxes and fees make it $300... Okay, that's not $124 at all!" Yeah, that's what I just thought when I checked out Travelocity. Plus, I hate when they try to throw in a hotel room and a car rental too. I don't want those!

My back hurts! The chair...ouch.

I'm doing many things right now. I'm uploading photos, talking to Joe about GPS, blogging...I think I'm done. K, bye!


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