28 January 2010

Missouri Stuff

It's a little cold these days in Moberly, MO. Spring time is welcome! I really can't wait for the weather to warm up. I really wish I would have remembered my headphones. I'm sitting in the library and I'm typing on the computer, but there is no music in my ears. I like writing when there's music playing. It's okay though. I'll listen to some music when I get home. The library is only open until 8pm CST anyway.

I'm excited and I'm kind of bummed out at the same time. I'm excited for a number of reasons...ummmm here it goes. I'm excited that Lindsey and I are experiencing this together. ("This" being Missouri). I miss New Mexico greatly, but if we were in New Mexico we would be too comfortable. There are the same bars, the same coffee houses, the same everything and we wouldn't be challenged. Here, we are challenged. Lindsey's being challenged at school, and at her job, and I'm being challenged at work and being a husband. Being a husband is especially hard. Before, I only had to worry about me (and Floofy), now there are two opinions (really stubborn opinions I may add), and sometimes we disagree. It really is hard sometimes, and I'm still learning. Sometimes I get really bored, sometimes I become sad, sometimes I miss my mom and dad, my brothers and my friends back home. But, I'm also learning so much! I'm learning a lot about people. I'm learning to cook New Mexican food because I can't buy it here. I'm learning to appreciate things more. I think it's all because I'm not comfortable. So yeah, right now I feel really lonely. I can't call Joe or Jon and grab a pint with them whenever I want. I can't just go to Satelite and get some coffee with Lindsey... No UNM skateboarding or late night downtown ABQ runs. No Thursday Burt's or Wednesday Copper or Ed's karaokee. I can't just go to ABQ uptown and browse the Apple store (and believe me I'd love to check out a iPad). I miss my mom and dad. It's okay.

I need a haircut! My hair is getting so long. I feel like it's grown double as fast this as it usually does this month. I need to shave too. I feel like it would be easier to just not shave. I don't mind the beard, but I feel like I should at least be a little presentable sometimes.

I like blogging now. It feels good releasing my thoughts.

I'm starting to enjoy my daily drive to and from work everyday. It's kind of far. It takes me about 40 minutes to make it from my driveway to work. I'm starting to enjoy the scenery a lot. There are so many hawks on perched near the roads here. It's kind of awesome! There is also lots and lots of roadkill. Sadly, people out here seem to care very little about their dogs and they let them roam wherever they want, and sometimes I'll see a dead dog on the side of the road. I also see lots of dead skunks, deer, and even a possum. There are so many trees on the drive to work too. The bare trees make me feel like I should be listening to Elliot Smith, or something slow, sad and acoustic. I don't though, I'll put on something poppy and fast like Five Iron Frenzy.

I had a lot more on my mind, but I'm about to be kicked out of the library. I'm sure I'll blog some more later this week. Maybe I'll even have internet at home soon! That'd be exciting.
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