29 January 2010

Good Ol' Dave

I got my ears lowered! Yeah, I went to the beauty school here. I told them it'd take a miracle worker to make me look beautiful though. I told her my mom's been cutting my hair since I was one. I think that made her nervous. She did a good job though... Ears lowered. Ha! David Hake used to ask me that after I would get a haircut. I never knew what he was talking about. Surgery? No Dave, I didn't have my ears surgically lowered.

Wow! I was just shouted at! Some man came up to me and told me to lower my headphones! He was angry! Dang! I'm really sorry sir! Oh boy. I've only been here two months and I'm maddening people. Anyway...

So yeah, ears lowered. Good ol' Dave. He always had some good stories to tell me. He told me of a story of a bunch of deer wandering around Albuquerque. The weather also seemed to be so much worse back in the day for Dave. He told me they had a storm so bad one year they had to get places in a canoe! So crazy Dave!

So, I hope the man that yelled at me isn't still angry. I really didn't mean to anger him. But here's a photo of a book in the library. I'm considering reading it.
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