05 September 2009


I want joy! There is so much negativity thrown at me all the time. A lot of people just don't care about anything. They have to get ahead, and they have to think about themselves. That's just how it is. Why is it so hard to just be friendly? It's not worth stressing about. Humans hate more than they love. It's sad. I want to try to bring love to people all the time, but sometimes I forget. Today was bad, but I hope I can be a better person tomorrow. I want to learn. ...

It's really overcast tonight in Santa Fe. I like it. It makes me feel like I'm in a different city, maybe London, maybe Berlin, maybe Buffalo, NY. I know those cities don't have adobe buildings and Mariachi music in the background, but it's easy to pretend sometimes. I made myself a soy mocha.. yum. It's a perfect rainy day weather beverage. I pray tonight is better than today was. Maybe I'll see someone who gives me joy... Who gives me a reason not to whine about the way the world is.
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