16 September 2009

Borderline Hurricane, but Tropical Storm Santa Fe

Last night at around 3 am really loud and obnoxious storm rolled through Santa Fe, NM. Lindsey and I were already having a hard time sleeping when this monster arrived. Booming thunder, flashing lightning, pounding rain, and roaring wind. I felt like I should have been manning some sails on a pirate ship, but I was too sleepy.

So yeah, Missouri. I can't wait! Lindsey said she talked to Kelly about a house in Moberly, it's only $365 a month. I'm looking for a job out there now, no one has offered me anything yet. I'm thinking about asking for a transfer to the Starbucks in Columbia, MO. I would keep my benefits that I have now... But I do have a degree from University and I'd like to use it. I'm thinking about looking for a school that offers meteorology, the study of meteors. And if that doesn't pan out, then I'll seriously look for something in meteorology, the study of the atmosphere with a focus on weather. I just love the weather so much. If I had the funds I would put up my own little data collection center up. If I had something then I could tell you exactly how high the winds were at my house last night, and how much precipitation we received. I can tell you that it's 61 degrees Fahrenheit here now, and it's 63 degrees Fahrenheit in St. Paul, MN, and it's 59 degrees Fahrenheit in Portland, ME.

Here are some random pictures of random events from this last month:
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