18 September 2009

I Don't Have Pig Fever and I Don't Need the Vaccination

It's official! I have proof that I graduated from a university. I think I just might make copies of this thing and hand them out to random people on the street. I don't know what I'll say when I hand it out...I probably won't do that at all. I don't feel like I really accomplished anything. People aren't giving me jobs yet. I think I would like to get a second degree... I want to study something that I'm actually interested in now. My econ degree is just my safety net. Now I can study things I really like...MxPx, maps, the weather, phone books, 8-track technology, motherboards, AMD chips, nvidia, Urban Terror, the forest... Maybe I can become a roady for some rock band. I know how to tune a guitar, I know how sound levels are supposed to be. I can learn. I can travel with any band and tune your guitars, and make sure you can hear yourself. ...A degree in the forest would be cool. Or maybe a degree in Ski Resort management. That would be sweet. I could live in Vermont or Utah and do that.

Last night Lindsey and I went to Camel Rock Casino. We joined the players club and received ten promotional dollars to gamble with. We didn't win anything, but we did have fun, and we didn't spend any of our own money, except the money we used in gas.

Right now I'm blogging and she's watching True Blood on the laptop on the bed. I think I could get into that show, but I just don't have the attention span to just start it. The only shows I have really immersed myself in were Scrubs, The Office, Spin City, and of course Family Guy.

I can't wait for tomorrow! We're going to be on a plane for Vegas! I'm going to eat so much crab and lobster! I'm going to ride some roller coasters. I might even dance a little. I'll even do the C-Walk for some of my old friends. But first I'll read some books on theology and philosophy. I want to know more. I want to ponder things. I want to be skeptical, but I want to find answers. I want knowledge.

I can't wait for my glasses to come in. I can't see that well.

Here are some pictures of my house in Santa Fe and of my diploma and of my animal.
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