18 September 2009

Burritos and Bathrooms

My lovely wife is convinced I'm obsessed with burritos and bathrooms and that I need to share my expertise in a blog. So I'm taking her advice and I'm going to do reviews on different burritos I eat and different bathrooms I visit.

The first burrito reviewed is from Harry's Roadhouse on Old Las Vegas Highway. This burrito is still in my belly, and let me just say that it feels good! What makes a good burrito is what it's wrapped in and what it's coved with, ie the tortilla and the red chili. The tortilla was mediocre but the red chili was different. It was tasty and a bit spicy. Not as spicy as I would like, but still good. The chicken inside was a bit rubbery, but there were black beans to accompany this chicken. I love black beans. A big plus was the sour cream and guacamole that came on the side. Yes! I love them both. The restaurant itself was nice too. It was an older building with great art pieces on the wall. Overall I give the burrito from Harry's Roadhouse 3 1/2 beans out of 5. :)
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