31 May 2008

It Seems Like Yesterday...

Destination: Beautiful by Mae is such a good album. I like it because it reminds me of a good time in my life. I didn't really know who they were when I bought the CD at Best Buy. I think I was just bored that day and decided to go hang out at Best Buy. I do that sometimes. I love hanging out at stores when I'm bored. If it's after 9 or so I'll go to Wal-Mart and just walk around. I'm a really weird person.. Sometimes I weird even myself out. I think that's a very hard thing to do.. to weird yourself out. Anyway, hanging out at stores is fun for me. I like Wal-Mart (or Whore-Mart, as we sometimes call it), Target not as much because I used to work there, but it's still a cool place, I like the electronic stores the most. I can get lost in Circuit City or Best Buy for hours. Most of the time I won't buy anything, I'll consider things, like a video game or a digital camera, or a printer. I usually won't walk out with anything besides CDs though. That's how I got into Mae. I saw that they were signed to Tooth & Nail Records, which is the same label MxPx got started on, so I decided it couldn't be horrible. I put it in my CD player on my way out of the parking lot, and it was a bit more mellow than I expected. I liked it.. It took me a few more listens to love it. But I did. I really loved the CD after Destination: Beautiful, The Everglow. I could listen to that album over and over. I did eventually stop listening to it.. Then Mae came out with a new album--their major label debut. I wasn't impressed. Maybe I'll give it another shot. I wasn't horribly impressed with a few of their live performances either. I really like the band though, and I know it takes a lot of work to keep a band like that going.

Today I went on a hike/trail run with Lee. Well, it was about 20% trail run, 30% hike, 50% enjoying the Sandia's and talking. It is so beautiful up there. We started at the Ellena Gallegos picnic area and went up some trails there. The Sandia's are amazing to me. I love the view of this massive mountain just standing right in front of us.. Then behind us was the view of the city and beyond. The mountain was green from the snow run off and a few rain showers last week. It almost feels fake sometimes. When we were around 30 minutes into our hike we came to a running spring. This was really cool because there was desert not 20 yards from the spring, but by the spring there was an abundance of life. I guess there's an abundance of life in the desert part too, but a different type. More lizards and cactus.
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