23 June 2008

bike and warped tour

I wonder if I should buy a bike from craigs list or if I should just wait and buy a nice bike brand new? Or should I buy a bike from wal mart that might be heavy and all the components might break a week from the time I buy it? I think I might go with the wal mart bike.. Then, maybe in August or September I can invest in a nice bike. I might come home with a bike tonight after work.

More importantly, Warped Tour is coming up. I'm super excited. Relient K is co-headlining with Story of the Year. I'm not completely sure what Story of the Year sounds like. I've heard of them. But I don't remember what songs they're popular for. So, Relient K, Anberlin, Angels And Airwaves, Mayday Parade (!), Valencia, and We The Kings. It's going to be awesome. Plus, I'm going with awesomely special friends.
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