03 May 2008

Mayday Parade etc..

I freakin love this band Mayday Parade. I saw them with Emery I think, I may have seen them at a different show.. I thought they were really good, but I didn't get a chance to check out their music after the show right away. Not until I saw that they were on the Warped Tour did I decide to get some of their music. I started listening to them every morning on free.napster.com (which, by the way is freaking awesome). Now I have the newest album on my computer and I'm listening to it non-stop. I really like the first song on the album, Jaimie All Over. In fact I actually spent a good portion of tonight leaning it on my guitar. It's not a difficult song. I got most of it, there's a little solo/bridge section that I need to listen to a couple of more times, then I should get it down. The other song I really like is Miserable At Best. It's a slow piano track. My perfect song formula, slow+piano+nice lyrics=good song for me. Both singers have great voices too. I love the song.
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