01 May 2008

Spring Is Here (And I Love It)

I love spring so much. I love the smell in the air the most. It's funny how smells trigger memory. Tonight the smell in the air reminded me of my first apartment. I remember how excited I was to be on my own. Good times. I'm going to fall asleep with my windows open. Hopefully I'm not lazy in the morning and I can get up early enough to enjoy the beautiful weather before I go to class.

Spring makes me thing of what's coming up next. Summer. I'm looking forward to this summer. I hope I can make it to a bunch of Warped Tour dates. I want to go to Cruces and Denver at least, but if possible I want to make it to Salt Lake and Phoenix...and I haven't checked yet, but if there's a Vegas date I want to go to that too. I want to have a lot of fun this summer. I want to go camping at least once. I want to go hiking a dozen or more times. There are a bunch of things I'm thinking about, things I want to do. I have to think about the next couple of weeks first though.. getting finished with this semester.

I adopted a new kitten. His name is Osker "floofy, floof, floofer, floofarini". He's a really nice cat. I got him from Lee. He's a nice cudly long haired cat (hence the name "floof"). He's been hiding under my bed a lot, getting used to the environment, but he's starting to come out a lot more. He's cool, and I like it when he keeps me company when I watch Conan.
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