19 December 2016


Two blog posts in one day. How about that? Well, it's winter break. I've got a bit more time on my hands. I've got the kids and Lindsey is at her first day of work. I'm balancing time between cleaning, spending quality time with the young humans, and reflecting in reading and writing. So far, it's alright.

I want to talk about this blog. Most of the time, when I write, it's in a journal--either an electronic journal (Journey on my laptop/desktop, DayOne on my iPad/iPhone), or a physical journal. My physical journal is a leather bound, black, journal. It's like a Moleskin, but not as nice. It's just about filled. I have a little over a year's worth of entries in that bad boy... I'll stop talking about journals.

What I'm trying to say is that if I've got something on my mind, I usually write it down in a journal, not a blog. I think I've been trying for a while to define what a blog is and what a journal is. My conclusion is that a journal is a reflection of things that are deep on your mind, things that you won't say out in the open. A blog is information that's worth sharing. Blog's I've seen are writings on life, spirituality, religion, or tech. These are things that other's find are valuable. Things that I find valuable. I don't think my blog is that. I don't think my blog holds value for anyone other than me.

But, my blog is on the internet, and I'm posting it here because I don't mind if someone reads it. It is a bit unnerving that it's here, out in the open. It's easy to find if you know me. I have the link on my Twitter profile... I guess if you're looking, you'll find my blog. There's a lot on the internet, and for someone to find my blog, even friends, is a long shot.

Alright, get to the point.

My point, again... I guess I don't have a point. Maybe I'm just wasting time.

I had one thought. It's about faith, of course. Most of my posts nowadays are on faith.

I tend to be a logical thinker. Like, I need evidence to validate an idea. There are some things that I don't have evidence for--a virgin birth of Jesus, a literal flood, a young Earth, Heaven, Hell.

What does this mean? Do I discard all of those ideas immediately because I don't have evidence? I think a lot of people would say very easily, "yes". I think there's much more to it. There's much more to life, I think. Consciousness. The Universe. Laws of nature. I'll write those things again.


The Universe.

Laws of Nature.

How can these be explained? There must be an explanation? Right?

This is where faith comes in. Sometimes there's just faith. Sometimes things can't be explained. My brain says "no" to that. My brain says that faith isn't needed. Ask a question, gather data, come up with an idea or prediction, test the prediction, collect and analyze that information, and come to a conclusion. Ugh!!!!

I can't come to the virgin birth with the scientific method. I mean, I can, but then my faith is gone. So, what's keeping me in faith? Why am I a Christian? Why do I have faith. I have some, otherwise I wouldn't be wrestling with this.

I'm a Christian. Because. I'm a Christian because I was born in the United States of America. The odds were good for me to be a Christian. But, what about now? I've thought about the odds, and I'm still a Christian. What makes Christianity real for me? I see truth in Jesus' teachings. But, is that it? What does the whole of Christianity say? What does it boil down to?

I think it boils down to a population of humans that have deficits in love and surpluses in selfishness. I guess you can say that's evolutionary. We have to look out for ourselves if we want our genes to go on. But, for some reason, I have compassion. How can compassion be explained? Someone, in some other country, is suffering in Syria, and I feel like I should do something. I feel hurt for them

I have more questions than answers right now. I'll think on these things and I'll write again tomorrow. Hopefully my thoughts will be more organized then.
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