22 November 2015

I Haven't Written...

I haven't written in this blog in a while. I think I start blog posts like this a lot. If I were to search my blog, I'd bet that I would find those exact words found in a few places. "I haven't written in this blog in a while." Whatever, I guess. I haven't. I'm afraid I'm not using a blog the way it's supposed to be used. I write a lot of personal shit here. It's more of a journal to me. I've noticed that other bloggers have themes. Like a cooking blog. Or a home improvement blog. Or a whatever blog. My blog is mostly just my directionless thoughts.

I've got a journal for that reason. My blog does have some traffic. I don't know if it's actual traffic. But, maybe a real person stumbles upon my blog every once in a while. And, do I really want to disclose all these personal details to strangers? That's why I got a journal. I write. I write when I'm frustrated. I write when I'm happy. I write when I'm questioning. I write. 

My hands are really dry. Whoa! Yeah, that's right. I'll talk about something completely different now. They are, though. In the winter, my hands get really dry. I'll bet there's an explanation for that. I won't look it up. There are a ton of other things that are irritating me other than my dry hands. Like being a damn parent. Being a parent is tough. But, I wouldn't even say that it's that bad. Being a parent is hard. It really does get easier when you remember how much you love your kids, though. 

*disclaimer. The next couple of sentences are disgusting. I'm going to talk about human shit.*

Like, today. Luke is getting the hang of this whole potty thing. He's got peeing down pretty well. I'm not sure he's got pooping yet, though. He was busy playing with his new Lego fire truck when I noticed a smell. I asked Luke, "did you poop"? He responded, of course, "no". So, I checked his pants and noticed smooshed shit on his whitey tighties. Ugh... Time to go to the potty. I peeled his undies off and let him sit on his potty. I proceeded to take his dirty laundry to the washer and when I returned to the bathroom I discovered shit smeared on Luke's legs and hands and all over his potty. Time to get the baby wipes and Clorox wipes... 

It may sound like I'm complaining now, mostly because I am. But, it's okay. I'm not mad at Luke. I cleaned him up, and I cleaned up the bathroom. And I gave him grace because he's still learning, and he's doing okay. And mostly because I love him. 

I wanted to talk about work, but I think I'll leave that for my journal. I guess I can talk about God now. 

So, we've been going to a "community group" from our church recently. It's been okay. It's hard to relate to Christians. I feel like Lindsey and I are really odd Christians. We're open to a lot of thoughts, and we also question everything. I feel like we're really cynical, too. Realistic. We haven't really found any good friends in the church. 

I'm not going to finish that thought because I'm tired. I did want to also mention that I was listening to the beginning of a podcast episode of Unbelievable. The program had one Christian and one non-Christian. They were discussing if science could explain away God. The argument, I guess, was that since everything can be explained with science, then there's no need to revert to God as an explanation. The Christian argued that there are plenty of things in life that cannot be explained by science, and morality is one of those. They non-Christian replied that, yes you can--Evolution. Anyway, it was very interesting, and I feel that the non-Christian debater had stronger arguments. I'll have to finish the episode, I only listened to the first 20 - 30 minutes. 
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