01 December 2015


This Copeland record is so dang good! I'm listening to "Erase" right now. Wait for it... At 2:18's when the ear-candy gets so tasty.

I'm listening to this record with a full belly on my lunch break. Taking a break from grading is needed right now. I was going to write these personal thoughts in my journal, but I left my journal at home. So, you get to hear them.

I don't think they're that personal. I just wanted to talk about how I like this Copeland recording so much. I think I also wanted to talk about my Thanksgiving weekend. ...I ate way to damn much. I had two plates at my parent's at around noon, then I had another plate at Lindsey's parent's at around 4. I sinned. Yup. I'm a sinner. A sinner jerkface. It wasn't worth it. The food was tasty, but it could have been enjoyed in moderation.

The next morning, we packed our things and drove to Denver. The weather was supposed to be bad, but it really wasn't terrible. We started to encounter some clouds and a little snow just after Santa Fe (we drove from Albuquerque). The roads were the worst between Pueblo and the CO/NM border. There was only one lane of I-25 plowed, and traffic was just slow. No big deal.

Oh yeah! And when we stopped in Trinidad for lunch, we saw the news that there was an active shooter in Colorado Springs. Fun! (Not fun!) What the heck is wrong with our country? What the heck is wrong with humans?

haha. Well, since I'm a God-fearing, Bible-thumper, I would say it's sin... The dude that shot and killed three people and injured some others had sin. All this violence and evil and disagreements are from sin. We're not basically good. I'm a dang glutton, and not just on Thanksgiving. I don't treat others with grace. I think I have a tendency to want to do evil. Now, I wouldn't shoot another person. In fact, I hate guns. A lot. Those are just my thoughts. Even as I write them, I feel like I need to think them through more. They need to be refined.

I'll move to something else... I listened to the Pastor With No Answers podcast yesterday. It's an interesting topic. Is Hell a place of eternal conscious torment? Oh my gosh, that's a biggie for me. So, there are three main viewpoints within Christianity. There's the traditional view. You confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, repent of your sins and worship Jesus, or else... or else, you spend eternity burning in Hell. Forever. There's no escape. Burning. Fire. Forever. Even if you were part of an ancient North American culture and you never heard of the Hebrew God...Hell. If you were born deep in China and became a Buddhist because that's what your people do...Hell. If you were born in a Muslim family...Hell. If you are just a skeptic of everything and you're not convinced because, well, God made you a skeptic, then...Hell. Forever and ever. Torture. Forever.

That sucks!!!!! Who am I to question God? But, that sucks!

Okay, there's my opinion on the traditional view of Hell.

The bell's going to ring, so I'll write a few short sentences about the other two.

There's the annihilation view that says if you don't accept God's help, then you just cease to exist.

Finally, the universalist view that says that God made all of us and he loves us all and he will redeem you even if you rejected him, or if you didn't hear about him. Everyone goes to Heaven.

So, it was an interesting conversation and I would recommend you listen to it. I'll also recommend the Copeland recording "Ixora".

Good day to you!

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