15 August 2015

I'm a Teacher

My last blog post sucked. Sorry to say, this will be another sucky blog post. I've got a MacBook Pro! Yeah, it's an older one. I think from 2012. Wait... Yeah. It's from 2012.

I like it a lot! I really don't know that I'll install any apps on it. I'll probably just use the web browser like I did on my Chromebook. "Why did you buy that damn thing?", you might ask. I didn't buy it. They are loaning it to me. "They" being my employer. I'm a teacher now, and they think I need a laptop, apparently. I'm actually surprised by my new job. Every teacher has a MacBook or MacBook pro. The computer lab is filled with iMacs (do they still call them iMacs?), and every classroom has 3 Macintosh computers. I thought these computers were expensive! Well. They are. I guess I just expected Windows machines. 

But the computer I'm typing on right now really isn't important. I'm a teacher now. This is crazy to me. It's up to me to teach ~125 7th and 8th grade students. I'm excited! I have a ton to learn. I've learned so much in just two days with students. 
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