22 July 2015


I think a lot about technology. It probably consumes me and I shouldn't let it. I enjoy it, though. I always have. I got my first computer when I was in the 10th or 11th grade. It was a Windows 95 machine with a 56k modem. I had Netzero internet and I checked music websites, chatted with my friends in chatrooms and I downloaded music from Audiogalaxy. My computer was too slow to play any video games, but a flame was lit there. A flame was lit even before that, but that was the first computer that was mine. I enjoyed the heck out of it.

I've never been exceptionally smart about hardware or software. I mean, I can build a computer from a kit if I really wanted to. I can navigate software with ease, but I would never dream of writing code. I just enjoy computers.

Today, I interact with two computers all the time: my Motorola Droid Turbo and my Moto 360. Less frequently, I have an Acer C710 Chromebook that I am typing on right now. I'm a basic user. I don't use my computers for anything specialized, like recording music, or video and audio editing. I mean, I'll use some apps like VSCO cam and Snapseed to edit photos, but nothing intense. The Google products work for me. I use Google Music All Access for music, I use Netflix and Hulu... Pretty boring stuff. I really don't know why I'm writing about this right now. I guess I have a little more time on my hands today than I thought...

I enjoy my Turbo a lot. The build and the design isn't excellent. I think I would prefer an iPhone in that area. iPhone always wins beauty pageant in my opinion. But, the turbo is okay. I have the "ballistic nylon" model. The front face is all glass and the back is just a nylon material. It's not super thin, but it does have a huge battery and I imagine it is challenging to make a thin phone and finding where to put the battery. Screen quality is amazing. It's bright and crisp. One of my favorite features of the phone is the camera, however. It takes great pictures. I probably use the camera more than any other feature on the phone. So, it's been a good phone.

The Moto 360 has been fun. I've always worn watches, usually a Timex or Casio, so when Android Wear came out, I knew I wanted a smartwatch. I started out with the LG G Watch. I then moved on to the 360. I've been pleased and displeased with the device. The circular design is great. The entire circle isn't illuminated. There's a little edge on the bottom of the display that is just black. I imagine it's just connections... I don't know. It has a leather band and a button on the side. Android Wear is okay. It basically just shows my notifications on my wrist. I can reply to text messages via a voice response. I can't really reply to facebook, twitter or any other social media. I can compose an email. I can control Google Music, Netflix and Hulu. It's convenient, I guess. I wouldn't say it's needed by any means, but it's cool. Everything is voice opperated... So if I'm cooking and I need to set a timer, I can say, "okay, google. Set a timer for 25 minutes.". Or if I'm riding my bike and I have my ear buds in, I can place a call by saying "okay, google. call so and so". Or "..text so and so". You get the point. It's cool, but not a necessity for my life.

I do have to charge the darn thing every day and sometimes twice a day. But there are more important things in life. This is a luxury item and my life doesn't end if my smartwatch battery dies. I don't die if my technology dies. haha!

Then there's my Chromebook. This is the least expensive of all my devices. I think it was like $180 or whatever. It has a small display for laptops, and it's not supper high resolution... (gasp) I can see pixels. Battery is okay, it'll last half a day with heavy use. It's not the lightest, or best built. It's built of plastic. Typing is okay. I don't feel hindered when I type. So, it's good. What's really cool is that it's built on the cloud. A lot of people don't quite get the idea. It has a very small hard disk, like 8 or 16 GB. When you save something, it's on Google Drive. I think when Lindsey bought this chromebook for me it came with 100 GB for free for a year. All your stuff is on Drive. This is awesome because if I lose my Chrombook I'm out $180, but all my data is safe on Drive. So, that's cool.

There's not much in the way of apps, or programs. Any sort of app would be found in the Chrome Web Store. Most of the apps are browser based apps, and are just links to websites. There are some apps that can be run on the computer itself and there are even two or three Android apps you can install on it.

Word processing is great. Google Docs has really made some improvements. I can write a paper or compose something and it's always saved and accessible from my phone or other computers. If I need to send a document to someone and they have Windows or Mac, I can save the document as a .docx and send it that way. Docs is always improving too.

Chromebook has been great. My next computer will probably be a Chromebook. I'm thinking about Pixel, but I'll probably never pull the trigger. It's too expensive. I've also considered the new Macbook but I'll probably not get that for the same reason.

If you're still with me, you're just as bored as I am right now. This has been a waste of time for me, I hope it's wasted your time too.
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