05 May 2015


I took a break from Facebook for almost an entire year. I know, I talk about Facebook way too much, but it's what's on my mind. Everyone's on Facebook, right? There's a lot of opinions flying around. It can become tiring. I try not to float my opinions in the mix, especially if it's just to piss someone off. I don't think people are just trying to piss other people off with their conflicting opinions. I mean, sometimes it seems like they are, but for the most part, I think people are just bored. 

Humans need validation. At least I do. I need to know that someone likes the picture I took, or that my kid is cute or whatever. I don't know why I need that... Well, maybe I do. Humans need community, and the internet is a good place to commune. We're all connected, digitally. 

We see someone's opinion that we disagree with, and we feel the need to post our opinion, passive aggressively, to oppose the people we disagree with. I say "we". Maybe, I mean "I". I don't know if there are others like me. I'll assume there are. What I see is my Facebook feed. Most of the active people on my Facebook feed are extreme left, or extreme right. It's not just Facebook, it's Twitter, too. Facebook is made up of mostly "real life" friends, and Twitter is just people I find interesting. Either way, it seems like the extreme left, or the extreme right post most. 

I don't know what I'm trying to say... I try to stay out of Facebook battles. I do think they can be healthy, though. We have never been able to discuss issues on such a scale ever before. Maybe I should engage more. Or maybe I shouldn't give a shit and just live my life. Should I express my ideas more? I don't know.

What I am going to do is enjoy my damn beer. Be a damn father to my son. Love my wife. And take in this beautiful overcast, rainy weather in Albuquerque today. 
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