23 April 2015


How is my faith verified? I asked myself this today. Where do I see God? I thought about it a little. I see God in music. I see God in music that was intentionally made to worship Him (Kings Kaleidoscope), but I also see God in music that was made by people who think God is a myth. I see God in nature. I see God in creation. I see God in the very little bit of science that I know. I see God in the love that's given to me, and the love I'm able to give to others.

Sometimes, my doubt comes up. That's normal, I think. I believe that Jesus is God because of the evidence that I have available to me. If Jesus didn't raise from the dead, could someone have proof of that? Well, we have it written down that he did raise from the dead, so I would think that there could be a documentation saying that those early Christians were full of shit. So, I believe. And since Christ raised from the dead, it's up to my to try my hardest to understand the writings of Paul. I'm half way joking on this, but seriously. Paul's writings in the New Testament are tough!

When I have doubt, I put on a song that I love.

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