09 November 2014

God's Love

Today I went to church and the message was on God. Yeah, funny idea, right? Preaching about God at church. That's what it was. I've been going to Sagebrush here in Albuquerque for the past couple of months. It's been a great experience for the most part. At first, I thought the pastor's jokes were lame... kind of a Larry the Cable Guy but with scripture verses. What I like the most out of my experiences with Sagebrush is that I am going with a friend. Our families have been meeting there almost every Sunday. It's a good thing.

Back to today's service--It was on God and how He's sovereign, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent and that he loves us incredibly. We're starting the "Survival Kit" series this week. It's basically a teaching on the core foundation beliefs of the Christian faith. Today's question was "can you prove God's existence to an atheist?" Well, dang. That's a hard one.

Well, an atheist is an atheist because they have at least considered the idea of god or gods. You can't deny something that you've never considered. Some atheists, I'm sure, have thought long and hard about religion. What's proves God for me, though? The pastor today went over some of the most common analogies--The clock and other built things and compared them to the Universe and the human body. We can say that the human body and the Universe had no builder and that they just sorted out the way they sorted out of the period of 13.8 billion years.

I stand somewhere in the middle, I would say. Science allows us to search for answers to questions we have in nature. Science can answer many of our questions. I believe that God is right there in the midst of scientific explanations. Science gives us answers to origin of life and our Universe. The way these things come about make sense. There are rules that have to be followed in nature. The rules tell me that there's a Creator.

There's just so much more to life... I probably don't make a convincing case for God to any atheists.

There's more on my mind today, too. It was just a bad day overall. Our family was just completely out of sync. It was just a though day. I'm still trying to gather myself. Trying to get my anger under control.

What I'm trying to get sink in from the service today is God's love. Atheists think I'm crazy. Sometimes I feel like I'm crazy. But, I feel God's love.

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