14 December 2014

Why Satan?

It snowed last night. Well, sort of. We saw big white flakes falling from the sky. There was a little bit of accumulation on our "grass". It was nice. We'll take what we can get here in Albuquerque. It started raining at about 7:30 or so, then it turned into snow at 9 or 10. The Sandias are covered in snow. I want to go up there this afternoon once Luke wakes up from his nap.

It's nice to have a moment to type on my keyboard about something that isn't IT related. I'm taking a class right now and I am enjoying it. There's a difference in typing for fun and typing as a requirement though. I try to make my papers fun though, that's when I get the best work done... So, I haven't written in this blog in a while. Time isn't as abundant before school. I'm not complaining. I'm enjoying taking these classes.

I do want to talk about today's talk at Sagebrush. We're still in the Survival Kit series. Today Pastor Todd talked about Satan. Lucifer. The Devil. I try to think about what someone who doesn't have spiritual belief thinks about The Devil. Ooooooooooooooo. The Devil. So scary. Christianity sounds kooky. I've talked about why I believe in Christ in previous blogs. Sometimes I put myself in the Atheist's shoes though. What I believe seems so foolish to an Atheist. If I was an Atheist I would probably dismiss myself. I'm not though. I'm a Christian.

So back to today's talk. I had some questions about The Devil. Lucifer means morning star. He's an Angel of light. He was created as an angel by God. Then he turned out to be totally rotten and convinced 33% of all the other created angels to join him. My biggest question is why God even allows Lucifer to exist. I know there's a plan, and to God, time isn't a binding factor. To God, Lucifer is already defeated. God knew that Lucifer would rebel even before He created him. So, why did God create him at all? Why did God allow evil to enter the Universe? These questions are what reinforces and Atheist's Atheism. For me they're questions I have. Today, we talked about who Lucifer is, and who Christ is. Lucifer is the accuser. Christ is the forgiver. Redeemer. It's easy to see the human condition. We're fatally flawed. Even while I was pulling into church, a fellow church goer honked her horn at me. I had some thoughts. I wanted to make things right. We're both flawed. Humanity is flawed. We need a savior. Religion doesn't need to point this out, it's obvious.
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