28 August 2014

Can I Take You Home?

Last night I had a dream that I was on an airplane with Tom and Yuri from MxPx and Marques Brownlee. I sat with Marques, but I really wanted to talk to Tom and Yuri. That's about all I remember about my dream.

It's rare that I remember any of my dreams. I don't know why that is. There was a point in my life where I remembered a lot of my dreams. I even had a dream journal. Maybe that's why I remembered my dreams--because I was looking forward to documenting them in the morning.

I've always been somewhat of a documentor. My own newsman. I don't think that anyone really would care about what goes on in my life. I just like to write. It's sort of therapeutic. It's how I relax. Like now...writing in this blog. I really don't care if anyone reads these words. It's more for me than anything else.

There was some other garbage I was going to write about. Maybe it was my day... Nothing spectacular. A semi truck stopped at my house this morning and asked for directions. Luke loved that. I also did some computer shopping for Lindsey. Best Buy has gone down hill. That store is kinda crappy now. I used to love going there. Now I think it's...not so great. Best Buy will be gone within five years. I also realized that Windows computers kinda suck. I love my Chromebook.

New paragraph. Chromebook. Chromebooks get a lot of criticism. They're extremely simple. They run Chrome... and a few other Google apps (Keep, Google Photos, etc.). I don't need much more though. I can watch Hulu, Netflix and YouTube videos on it. Google Docs has gotten to the point where it's almost at the level of Word. I don't play games on my computer anymore. My Chromebook satisfies 99% of my computer needs. I also have a stinking iPad (that my school provided for me), a stinking Galaxy Note 3 and a dang LG G Watch. I'm pretty ridiculous. When I get a notification, I hear it first on my iPad, then on my Chromebook, then on my Note 3, then on my G Watch. Now that's just dumb. I don't need to be told by four different devices that I have a freaking junk email. But, that's where I am... I got sucked in. I'm connected. God forbid I fall out of WiFi or cell coverage.

Anywho, the Chrombook is nice. It's cheap. It looks nice. The only think I would improve about my Chromebook would be build quality. My current Chrombook doesn't have a backlit keyboard. It doesn't have a touch screen. The body is all plastic. The external speakers are worthless. The battery isn't that great. All of these things I can deal with for the $169 cost. $169. Yeah. The other computer that catches my eye is the MacBook Air. $899. I don't need a MacBook Air. All my computing is done here. Most people who have Windows or Macs don't need them either.

I'm done talking about Chromebook.

There's some other stuff I wanted to get down in writing. I haven't had a whole lot of time to write for fun. I've been writing for my MBA class. I'm determined to become a master of something, even if it's through an e-correspondence course.

...Thought I wanted to write more. Nope.

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