21 May 2014


I can start to smell the smoke from the Skunk Fire. At least I think it's from the Skunk Fire. That's what this story says from the Albuquerque Journal. I see a few clouds. I hope the rain we're expecting actually happens.

Yeah, anyway. It's a lazy day. Lindsey's at work and I'm enjoying being outside on my Chromebook, hanging out with Luke. We're listening to Coldplay's newest... well it's their newest as far as I'm concerned. Google Play All Access hasn't released the newest yet. I'm excited to hear it.

I thought I had a lot more to say today. I guess I got it all out last night in the blog I wrote before this one. I'm probably just killing time. I feel especially curious today. Curious about the world around me. I guess my son is rubbing off on me. A two-year-old's curiosity is unmatched. He's a continual student. Constantly exploring. He's learning what animals say and how water feels as it passes thorough his fingers. He's learning about how an object can be on top of, or underneath, or inside another object. He's learning how to express his thoughts in language (and song). He's learning how to show love to others.

He's inspiring me to want to learn more. Adults give up. At some point I gave up on learning. We have all this information available to us. We have the entire world! Even the Universe. And we waste it! It's pretty sad. I want so bad to explore Earth. I want to visit all sorts of different places. I want to experience weather on other continents.
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