18 March 2014

Life's Changed

I'm sitting at my home computer desk typing on a "real" keyboard. How weird. Most of my computing is done on a 5.7 inch Note 3 screen. It feels nice to get back on a desktop personal computer. I'm listening to Taking Back Sunday's newest record. It was just released today. Things have changed since "Where You Want To Be"...for me and for Taking Back Sunday. The music is good. I like the album so far.

Oh my goodness. I'm 30. I'm about to be 31.

I've got a son who's going to turn 2 next month.

Life's changed. It's changed for good though. I'm happy I'm not where I was ten years ago. I love my son, I love my wife.

I'm still glad to listen to these old bands, though. There are a few that I can't listen to. Weezer, believe it or not. I can't listen to Weezer. I just can't enjoy it like I used to. The Ataris. I don't like The Ataris now. I loved the Ataris 12 years ago! Nope. Not now. I can't even start the record. That's a band that I grew out of. I still enjoy MxPx and Blindside, but I don't listen to them all the time like I used to. I would say I don't listen to as much music as I used to. I definitely don't go to as many shows as I used to. I want to find good music. I want to listen to it with my family.


Five years.

Five years of marriage. Just thinking back... I can't imagine life not being married. I love Lindsey so much. On this day 5 years ago we were in southern California waiting to start life together. It makes me happy to know Lindsey loves me.
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