12 January 2014

US Pat No 7536802

What an interesting day. I should have been working, but I decided to stay home today. I feel like I'm at a turning point in my life. I'm a man. (lol) I am, though. I think my generation became men late. Maybe I'm just becoming a man late. I'm not under my parent's roof anymore. In fact, I moved out of their house when I was 18. I did what I was supposed to. I went to college. I got my degree. My sin hindered me along the way. I drank too much. I was a straight up alcoholic, to be honest. That's an excuse. I should have "manned" up. I didn't. I didn't pay attention. I graduated into an economy that was horrible. That's an excuse, too. I thought it was supposed to be that you get a degree then you go into the workforce at an entry level position, then start building up experience and work hard and further your career. Instead, I graduated college and quit my job at Pizza Hut to get a job at Starbucks. Maybe I'm being a bit too personal?


I think I post too often to social media. I'm an over poster. And here I am posting again. I like posting on this blog because it doesn't have exposure like Facebook does. (I'll probably link this on Facebook). I don't know if people read my posts. Very rarely will people respond to what I say.  I like social media for some reasons but hate it for others. I like documenting things. I want my son to know what was on my mind when he gets older. I don't want to hold back.

Anyway, I think I'm done. I'll leave this blog post with a few interesting things. Lindsey found this weird plastic thing in our junk drawer. She asked me what it was. Of course, I had no idea. So, I looked up the patent number. Turns out it was a tile spacer. Here's the link to website that explained what the item was. http://patents.com/us-7536802.html.

The other interesting thing is a definition I looked up. We were singing a hymn at church today. I don't remember what hymn it was but it was about being redeemed. I thought I would look it up. I liked this definition I found on Google.
I have always been Jesus's. My sin separated me from Him. He bought me back and regained possession of me by exchanging payment (Himself). Christianity sounds crazy when you read it out loud. I don't think it's crazy though. I think it's hard to believe sometimes. I see Christians who are in love with Jesus. You can tell. They have joy. I can see it. I want that. I want a faith that grows.
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