12 October 2013

Jeremy is My Buddy

I had a thought for a story when I was driving home form work yesterday. My car is so messy. There is trash, old Tupperware bowls and even a banana peel laying around. It's downright gross. Then I thought it would be funny if life could evolve on its own with only the materials in my disgusting car. Then I thought how funny it would be if evolution could be accelerated and before I knew it, there was a little ape man living in my car. I would keep this a secret from Lindsey and everyone else of course. The little ape man would have an honorary little 'tude. He'd probably like me, but he would play pranks on me like cover my eyes when I'm driving to work, or give me wet willies when I'm not expecting it. I think I would probably call him Jeremy. Jeremy and I would have adventures on my commute.

I've been physically, and mentally drained and spiritually I've been running on empty. Dag nab it! Life can become overwhelming. At this very moment, Luke is waking up from his nap. Sometimes I just want to have all my ducks in a row and I want to have a few minutes to think that I don't have to worry about anything. That water bill or that smartphone that takes up too much of my time.

Whew... it seems that Luke is gonna nap for a few more minutes.

Our house is slowly being overtaken by weeds. It's insane that weeds grow so well in the desert but it takes 4 trillion gallons of water to keep a lawn semi-green. Today, I was thinking about how I hate Albuquerque and New Mexico. Hate is a strong word. I guess I just need something new. I hate that people from this state fall into the same ol', same ol'. Same baby daddy, same drug, same shot of whiskey. Have you driven west on Central? Have you driven east on Central? It's probably one of the ugliest streets in America. I'm trying to be nice. And it does make me sad, because this is home. I'm from New Mexico and I do love it. The culture makes us unique, but it also makes me hate living here. I'm tired of being afraid that I'll be t-boned by some muchasmo, dumb ass who has some weird idea that he has to be a man by driving 3,000 km/h. Slow the EFFFFFF down you asshole! Learn how to handle a four-way-stop. Four-way-stop doesn't mean four-way-coast. Learn what that word yield means written on that upside down triangle. It doesn't mean drag race your stupid Dodge/Ford/Chevy/GMC pick-up.

I guess this is a venting blog. I need it. I'm sick and tired of Albuquerque. I'm sick and tired of New Mexico. And I'm sick and tired of America. Get over yourself, America. Republicans suck. Democrats suck. If you really are a "Christian Nation" then look to your Savior. He said to love your neighbor. Churches have become corporations with tax breaks. Shame on you Calvary. Shame on you Mars Hill. Mega churches bring some good, but it's an elite club where people go to drink coffee and feel all cozy about themselves. There are real people out there hurting and you're selling your next book. I'm the biggest hypocrite. What am I doing for hurting people? Well, maybe I'm a hurting person.

I think I need to get out. I need to get away from it all. I need to meditate in the forest.

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