25 October 2013


Dude, my gums hurt. Dental health. I've gotta floss more. That's what I'm thinking about right now. I've been thinking about how flipping dumb politics are in our country. It's like rooting for a football team. I wish I could just not care about politics, but I know how important it is to be involved. I listen to a conservative talk show host as well as a liberal talk show host. They're both just so angry. They don't pay attention to real issues and just follow along with what they're supposed to think as a republican or as a democrat.
I really don't identify with either. I'm a Christian and that shouldn't play a role in what party I choose, but in America if you're a Christian then you're a republican. That's how it seems anyway. I don't want to be a republican. I hate the way Republican's view social programs. So I'm just a dude who really has no political voice in this country.

I'm still developing views on the really heavy issues. I think I will always have an evolving view. And I don't want my political views to ever cloud my priorities.

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