31 October 2013

Drove To Chicago

Hey y'all. I don't usually use "y'all", but hey it's Halloween and Lavar Burton says "y'all" in a lot of his Twitter posts. You may ask yourself what Halloween has to do with anything, it doesn't. I'm just a random dude.

So it's Halloween today. That's exciting. This is the mark of the holiday season. Before you know it it'll be thanksgiving, then Christmas, then before you know it you'll be kissing your sweetheart at the stroke of midnight. So I'm excited that this year is wrapping up, mostly because I've used up all of my vacation for the year. It'll be nice to take a vacation. Maybe have some free time with Lindsey.

This morning was nice. Lindsey and I read a really heavy chapter of Hebrews. It was Hebrews 10. I'll have to read it a couple more times today. I'm still digesting it. I'll have some time today too because we're training some new ideas at work today. Right now is lunch. Time to breathe. Time to listen to this new (to me) Sufjan Stevens record.

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