27 January 2013


I just got a notice when I logged into Blogger that I can point out Google + friends in my blog posts. I'm going to try this out.

+Lindsey Dominguez I love you! :)

Truth is, Lindsey isn't feeling very well this morning. She has some sort of illness that is making her feel crumby. I hope it's not the flu and I hope it passes over soon.

Luke is sleeping right now and I really should be getting some homework done. Everything I have for this week is due today by 10 pm.

I guess I'll start that. I was going to start some music and I made a genius play list in iTunes based on John Mayer. I think I'm done with John Mayer. In stead, I purchased the Local Natives album from iTunes. I've never heard any of their music, but we'll see if I like them.

All for now, gotta get to this writing assignment.
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