27 January 2013

Sunday ... Continued

The day is almost over. Lindsey and I just put Luke down for the night. He was such a good little boy today. He ate really well. He loves to play with his truck and with his new trike. Lindsey has been sick all day. She slept most of the day. She's feeling better now. We all had dinner together and then we played more with Luke while listening to the Mars Hill sermon.

It was the first sermon in this newest series. It's titled Who Do You Think You Are?. The first sermon he basically identified that we all identify ourselves with something that is not the Creator but something that was created. He then followed by identifying "idols" in our lives. Idols are things that we "worship". These things could be our kids, our house, our Samsung Galaxy S3, our iPhone, our job...whatever.

It seems like a good series. That is one of the biggest problems we have as humans, finding our identity. What am I? Who am I? Identity is something that we have to have defined... I feel like my identity has been kinda washed out in the past couple of years. My world has been shaken. I'm no longer Lorenzo the MxPx fan and student. I'm now Lorenzo, husband, father, employee.

Anyway, I'll consider those things more. In the mean time, I have a week's worth of homework to do in three hours. It's okay though, I have this new (to me) album I downloaded from Local Natives called Gorilla Manor. 

Here are some photos of my day today. Enjoy!

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