06 December 2012


I haven't written in this darn blog in a long time. Life has been so stinking busy. Lindsey's in school. I'm in school. Our son is growing. We have compressed more into our life than I thought was even possible. When Lindsey's at work I'm home and when I'm at work Lindsey's home. I see her for about 20 minutes each day on Monday through Friday. The blessing is that we have our weekends together. My gosh, it really has been hard though. When I'm at work I'll call her on my breaks. That's nice. I really can't wait for Christmas break for her. We'll get to spend our days together. Then summer break for her will be great too. Hopefully we can head to some beach somewhere and relax with our son.

What else? Well, last night I had this intense headache. It was crazy painful. I got up to feed Luke, then I lied down (lay down? lie down? whatever.), then bam! massive headache. It was so bad that Lindsey woke up and noticed I was in pain. She was so awesome. She prayed for me and gave me a glass of water. I don't even remember the pain going away before I fell asleep. Now today I have minor pain behind my right eye. I wonder if it's just a strain on my vision. I stare at a computer screen for 40 hours a week at work. Then I come home and stare at my Galaxy s3 screen for another 40 hours. It's pretty lame. I hope this dang headache does away though.

Another thing on my mind is Christmas. It sucks, but I have to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I guess it's no problem. I'll still get to enjoy Luke's first Christmas with him. I'll just have to convince my parents and Lindsey's parents to come over and have some Christmas snacks and tea. I'll even start a fire in the fireplace.

Anyway, that is all for now. Once this semester ends I'll have more time to blog... or maybe I'll just use that time to enjoy Luke and Lindsey. So, I'll blog when I blog.
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