04 April 2012

Weezer, Boats

I'm listening to Weezer. This is weird. Weezer used to be my second favorite band after MxPx. Then they released the Green album and all the garbage after it. I totally lost track of them after Green. The funny thing is that I'm listening to some of that garbage. Maladroit is playing now. I don't think I've ever heard these songs, but for some reason I have them on my iPod. The songs aren't terrible. It sounds like Weezer. I think I just like to listen to what other people's opinions about bands are. It seems like we all are heavily influenced on what other people think about something. It would be nice if we were more independent. We move like a flock of birds, or a school of fish. It's kinda dumb.

Man, I need to loose some weight! I've been so freaking lazy for the past two to three years. I used to run and hike and skate and snowboard. Now all I do is sit inside all stinking day. I don't think I've had a tan line in years. I hate it. I want to camp, and fish, and I want a boat. Not a big boat. Not a boat with a motor. I want a small fishing boat that I have to row. I would love to hang out and just enjoy the water and nature around me.

Today, Lindsey and I went to Dick's Sporting Goods. They just opened a store in Albuquerque, so we thought we would stop by just for fun. They had some hiking shoes and some camping gear and BOATS. The boats were pretty darn cool. I would love to have one so that I can put it in a lake and just float along. I'll fish from that boat and enjoy the fish I catch later that evening.

Still no son. His due date was yesterday. No son yet. I knew he was going to be late. I just want to know how late. We were told that most first pregnancies are late. We were also told that Sex Panther works 60% of the time, every time. We're ready. His room's ready.

Wow, this Weezer song is pretty bad...

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