04 April 2012

Glorieta Beer, Spain

I finally got my fat a$$ off the couch, I put the fork down and I went for a run. It's been almost a month since I've gone for a run. I ran 2.17 miles and it took me 22:14 minnutes. 10 minute (plus) miles. Lame sauce. What do you expect? I'm probably fifty pounds over weight. I think my heart is still in alright condition. My pulse was about 180 to 190 beats a minute.

My run was great though. It felt good. I even stopped a few times to take some pictures. I'll post them in this blog. I took a picture of this weird structure that's on the rail line. It looks like it may have been used for storage back in the day. I'll have to look it up and see what it is. If you look at the main picture on my blog you can kinda see it in the background. It's on the right side of the track, in the very back. That structure is still standing. It would be sweet if that was used for something, like a coffee shop, or a brew pub. That would be mega sweet!

I found what that building is! Southwestern Brewery and Ice Company! How cool!

Here's a few links.



I think someone should bring back this brewery. I would love to have a Glorieta Beer!

Here's another sweet link! Pictures of the beer can/bottle labels.


Please also enjoy some photos that I took while on the run.

I think if I had just ran then I would get my miles down below ten minutes. We'll see next time.

A couple of other things. Sorry about all of the random Twitter posts in different languages. I found this sweet Android app that translates the words I speak to it into other languages. I would love to master the Spanish language and take my son and wife to Spain.
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