20 February 2012

Things That Are Real

Have you ever tried Rio Grande Coffee? It's pretty good. We bought some type of chocolate flavored whole bean. It smells so good! It's hard to be frugal when you buy coffee. Sometimes, I'll buy the $2.39 can of Krogger coffee. I regret it every time. I almost never use cream or flavoring, but when I buy that coffee and any other type of cheap coffee, I have to doctor it. Coffee does make me happy though. It's one of those things that bring me comfort in life. It helps me prepare for my day. It stimulates all of my senses. It's pretty darn cool.

Today is a good day. Today has the potential to be strange... I don't want it to be strange. Life is so freaking weird to me sometimes. I'm in a dream, it feels. We have some things that are real; love, music, forests...ha ha! Forests. Forests are real to me. The everyday routine is a dream, though. I spend most of my daily life at a job. I don't spend it with my wife. I won't spend it with my kid. I spend it at a job. I am so grateful that I have a job. But, I would love to spend every day of my life with my wonderful wife. She makes me feel like I'm not in a so-so dream.

I'm going to drink the rest of my coffee. I'm going to eat my oatmeal and grapefruit. I'm going to thank God for my wife. I think I'll let her know that today. 

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