04 May 2011

Tetanus, Goals, Money

Good morning! This darn tetanus shot pain in my arm. I guess the pain
could be much worse... The weather outside is so nice. The temperature
is perfect. I can smell spring in the air. That's strange. My goal
today is to be extra productive. I want to get a day and a half's
worth of work done today. I want to drink two mugs of coffee. I want
to drink six 946 mL jugs of water. Lindsey and I are also quiting the
craft beers, we're just spending too much on them. Plus, for some
reason after a great IPA I get a headache. That can't be good. We're
going to start focusing on other hobbies. Yesterday Lindsey mentioned
white water rafting. I am down. I also would like to track the dollar,
the euro, the pound and the peso more. Just for fun.
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