26 May 2011

25,000 Foot Peak

Lunch time for me, but I'm not thinking about food. I'm thinking about
mountains. I was just in Colorado this past weekend and they are
obsessed with their 14,000 ft. peaks, or "fourteeners" as they are
called. A bit of envy was starting to collect in me. I was wondering
why New Mexico didn't have any fourteeners. It turns out that at one
time New Mexico did have a fourteener or two. Culebra Peak was on a
Spanish land grant and was included in New Mexico. Then the US
Government came along and seized the land. I really want to read more
into this subject of land grants and what the country was like back
then. I've even heard that the survey for the state line of Colorado
and New Mexico is a bit off. I remember recently that they found that
the marker for the Four Corners was off quite a bit too. I don't know
how this was resolved, but pretty interesting though. So, I know it's
dumb, and I do love Colorado. It's one of the most beautiful states in
the Union, even though it's overcrowded with rich Texans,
Californians, and New Yorkers. But I don't even think Coloradoans even
like the southern part of their state anyway. I think the US
Government should give us Culebra Peak along with Durango, Pagosa
Springs and Wolf Creek. Colorado won't miss it.

Also, at one time it looks like New Mexico might have had the highest
point in the continental US. Mt. Taylor is a volcano and before a
major eruption like the eruption of Mt. St. Helens it could have been
anywhere from 18,000 ft above sea level to 25,000 ft above sea level.
Crazy! Could you imagine looking west on top of Sandia Peak and seeing
a 25,000 ft peak instead of the current 11,000 ft peak? I wonder how
that would have changed the climate of Albuquerque. Hmmm... If only I
could be transported in time to see what the landscape of New Mexico
was pre-Mt. Taylor eruption.

I don't know why I care about these things... Here are some cool links anyway.



Mmmm... Now time for food.

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