08 March 2011

Pictures and Junk...bla, bla, bla

It's a great day today. The weather is cool, but you can tell that spring is on it's way. Yesterday it sprinkled on us a bit and this morning I can still smell a remnant of a bit of moisture. It's not as dry as it has been. It's still dry, but not as bad. We really need some rain soon though. I guess there have been really bad fires in southern New Mexico. Silver City was evacuated. There are still really bad threats to fires today.

There are a few things I want to do. I want to enjoy my city more. I want to walk around the city with my point and shoot Sony camera and capture what I find as beautiful in the city. There are a lot of really cool houses and examples of great architecture in the city that not many people know about--nor would they have even thought that these buildings could exist in Albuquerque. As I took Lindsey to work this morning a few times I pointed out "that would be a great photo". 

So that's my goal. I want to enjoy my city more. I think Albuquerque is the ultimate diamond in the rough, if you will. We have a gem of a city and not too many people know of it.

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