06 March 2011

Joy, Love, Hope

Things I'm cooking right now: Kroger Deluxe Shells and Cheddar, sautéd
garlic with Ragu marinara sause (I added some tampura powder and a
drop of Valentina hot sauce), boiled shrimp, tri-color rotini, and hot
water for tea. I'm a cooking man right now. It's good though. I'm also
listening to the brand new Anberlin release. The music is fantastic.
It's good for me to just listen and think. Sometimes I think I'm
really sad. Sometimes I think that life makes no sense and has no
purpose. Sometimes there's no hope. Sometimes it feels as if there is
no hope for me. Hopelessness is probably the worst feeling ever. I
have hope. I don't have to feel as if I have no hope because I know
that there is hope for me. I would say the opposite of hopelessness is
love and joy. These are what we all desire as humans. We long for
these as if they were food or water. I have joy. I have love! I don't
have to feel hopeless.
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